Thermal Imagery

Industry leading thermal technology

70 metres / 230 ft altitude

Thermal Imagery

With the Revolve Thermal MK.III using a Boson 320 thermal camera along with the standard 2x optical zoom camera of the Mavic 2 Zoom, our users have significantly improved capability for finding or observing their target when compared to alternative solutions.

Slide through the following images to compare between the standard visual light camera and the Boson 320. Our system offers multiple colour palette options.

This is what market leading thermal imaging technology combined with a quickly deployable and reliable drone can produce.

200 metres / 650 ft from subject

80 metres / 262 ft altitude

Revolve Mk.III Vs. Mavic 2 Dual

Below is the Flir Boson 320 sensor as used in the MK.III, alongside the Lepton 3.5 sensor as used in the Mavic 2 Dual.


Boson Vs. Lepton

See below a comparison between the two sensors. Whereas the lepton struggles to display the target, the Boson still clearly shows the person in the centre of the image.


Specifications as follows are for the thermal camera only. All drone and visual light camera specifications are identical to those of the standard Mavic 2 Zoom.

Camera: Flir Boson 320 6.3mm lens

Sensor: Uncooled VOx microbolometer

Spectral range: Longwave infrared; 7.5 µm – 13.5 µm

Pixel pitch: 12 µm

Thermal sensitivity: <60mK

Resolution: 320×256

Lens: 6.3mm

HFOV: 34°

Colour Palettes: Ironbow, Rainbow, Rainbow HC, FireGrade, White Hot, Black Hot

Gain settings: High, Med & Low