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Does the MK.III use the normal DJI Go 4 app or modified firmware?

Yes, we have designed this around the standard DJI Go 4 app and standard firmware. There is no chance of damaging the modified parts, or stopping them from working, with firmware updates. In this respect the drone works as normal. Note this does not use the DJI Pilot app.

Can you control the thermal camera via the app?

No, all thermal camera controls are on the plug-in controller module. We have done this to avoid users having to install modified versions of the app and to enable instant settings changes with physical controls.

Is any of the functionality of the normal Mavic 2 Zoom lost?

No, when left in visual light mode the drone is a normal Mavic 2 Zoom. Our design is very weight-conscious, resulting in no discernible loss of flight time.

How are thermal images and video recorded?

The drone will record whatever it is you are seeing on the live feed. For example, if you are on thermal mode then you will be recording the thermal video. Switch over to visual and it will record this. Recording and all other drone functions are not affected by switching video modes and this can be done at any time.

Thermal and visual light images are not recorded simultaneously.

How does this differ from the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual or the XT2/M210?

The Boson 320 sensor has double the resolution of the sensor in the Mavic 2 Dual (320×240 resolution vs. 160×120), and a much narrower field of view (34° vs 57°). This allows the MK.III to detect a given heat signature at up to five times the distance that the Mavic 2 Dual is capable of.

The Boson sensor is comparable in image quality to the lower resolution version of the XT2 camera, just without the MSX enhancement.

The Boson is currently not available in a radiometric version, so temperature readings cannot be taken and recorded.

How is this product supported?

Whilst the drone is originally manufactured by DJI, we take over the whole support process and warranty. A limited 1 year warranty is provided on the drone and thermal sensor.

This warranty is supported by the main office in Brighton UK, as well as regional distributors in Iowa, USA, and New South Wales, Australia.