About Us

Revolve. Brought to you by Drone Doctor
Through our sister company Drone Doctor we have worked with everyone from government security agencies to charities rescuing Orangutans. We have a combined 20 years of embedded hardware and software design experience, and have repaired over 15,000 DJI drones. We decided to start Revolve to cater to these custom design projects.

Our Skillset

Many can assemble, few can design
Embedded Hardware Design
We have a combined 30 years experience in embedded design solutions.
Mechanical Design
Using advanced CAD software, we can design mechanical components, enclosures, mechanisms etc...
Embedded Software Design
Our hardware design experience is complemented by extensive embedded coding capabilities. We primarily work with Atmel AVR uCs and Lattice FPGAs.
Prototype Manufacturing
In house machining and 3D printing capability allows for rapid prototyping
Extensive DJI Familiarity
Our unparalleled experience in repairing DJI products also makes us a prime candidate for modifying them, too. Whilst we can provide standalone embedded solutions, we can also offer integrated custom modifications on DJI drones.
Proven Capability
We have worked on a range of projects, from a custom DJI-based camera system for the BBC, to precision crop sprayer pump control simulators.

Need a custom design?