Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read all these terms and conditions.

As we can accept your order and make a legally enforceable agreement without further reference to you, you must read these terms and conditions to make sure that they contain all that you want and nothing that you are not happy with.

By placing an order with us, you agree to accept these Terms and Conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy. All our services comply with relevant United Kingdom Legislation. We do not warrant however that they comply with any legal requirements outside of the United Kingdom.

1. Application

These Terms and Conditions will apply to the purchase of the services by you (the Customer or you) We are Chinock Repairs Ltd, trading as Drone Doctor, a company registered in England and Wales under number 11187389 whose registered office is at Business Unit 10 Ingleby House, Crowhurst Road, Brighton, West Sussex, BN1 8AF (Chinock Repairs or us or we).

These are the Terms on which we sell all Services to you. By ordering any of our Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

2. Interpretation

Contract means the legally-binding agreement between you and us for the sale and purchase of the Services as available on our website at www.dronedoctor.co.uk;

Order means the Customer’s order for the Services from Chinock Repairs as set out in the Customer’s order or in the Customer’s acceptance of our quotation.

Services means the services we offer our Customers as ordered through our website.

3. Our Service

The description of the Services in our website, catalogues, brochures or other form of advertisement does not constitute a contractual offer to sell the Services. When an Order has been made, we can reject it for any reason, although we will try to tell you the reason without delay.

We offer Service repairs as listed on our website at www.dronedoctor.co.uk

These include repair services for:

  • DJI Inspire 1
  • DJI Inspire 1 Pro
  • DJI Inspire 1 Raw
  • DJI Inspire 2
  • DJI Matrice 600
  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro
  • DJI Mavic 2 Zoom
  • DJI Mavic Air
  • DJI Mavic Mini
  • DJI Mavic Pro
  • DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White
  • DJI Mavic Pro Platinum
  • DJI Phantom 3 Advanced
  • DJI Phantom 3 Professional
  • DJI Phantom 4
  • DJI Phantom 4 Advanced
  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro
  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian
  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro+
  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ Obsidian
  • DJI Ronin
  • DJI Spark
  • DJI Wind 8
  • Parrot Anafi
  • Parrot BeBop 1
  • Parrot BeBop 2

A Contract will be formed for the services ordered, only upon Chinock Repairs confirming to the Customer that the Order has been accepted.

4. Placing an Order

We aim to assess and provide you with a quotation for repair work within two to five business working days of receiving the drone.

Once you have accepted our quotation, we aim to complete and return your drone within ten to fifteen working days after receiving it.

Online payments are secured through Encryption and processed through our Third Party Payment Gateway. We do not store financial information after your order has been processed.

Promotions are valid for a restricted period of time and cannot be used outside of these times.

Once your order has been confirmed, changes to your order may not be possible, and where amendments are able to be made, an additional charge will be incurred and your shipping date will change.

You will be notified when your order has been dispatched.

5. Basis of Sale

No variation of the Contract, whether about description of the repair, price or otherwise, can be made after it has been entered into unless the variation is agreed by the Customer and Chinock Repairs. By placing an order with us, you are entering in to a contract to purchase the repair for your drone.

Where repairs are ordered and no longer available, or parts are delayed or subject to a change in pricing, we will inform you of this.

6. Price and Payment

Payment for Services must be made on receipt of invoice either by Credit or Debit Card through our Third Party Payment Gateway, Repair Manager. Chinock Repairs will take payment immediately or otherwise before despatch of the drone.

Items with outstanding bills that are left with us for more than 28 days with no communication will have a storage fee levied of £1 per day.

We reserve the right to dispose of drones left with us for periods exceeding 28 days, where we have been unable to contact you for final payment.

6.1 Return of Damaged Parts

The customer is welcome to request return of damaged parts that are removed from an item as part of a repair, however Drone Doctor reserves the right to retain damaged parts on a case by case basis. Damaged parts are disposed of as soon as they are removed from an item, so provided a request to have parts returned is made before the repair is carried out, it may be possible to return the parts.

7. Delivery

7.1 Sending us your drone

It is recommended that you use a reputable courier such as DPD and FedEx when sending us your drone and ensure it is tracked, signed for and insured. Courier Price comparison sites include Parcel2Go.com or ParcelMonkey.co.uk.

It is your sole responsibility to ensure your drone is securely packaged. We recommend the original manufacturers box with added padding. Additionally, ensure the content of the box is well concealed to avoid the risk of theft.

When sending us your package, please note that we only accept the drone and controller. Accessories such as propellers, cables, SD cards are not required and Chinock Repairs will not be held responsible if these are not returned to you with the repaired drone.

In the case of Ronin gimbals, please send your complete system including the battery.

Repair updates are sent to you through our Repair Manager system at each step of the process including when your item will be shipped back to you.

In the rare event your drone is lost or damaged by your chosen courier, it is your sole responsibility to ensure you instigate an investigation with that company. Chinock Repairs do not get involved in disputes between customers and courier.

7.2 Return Delivery of your drone

All prices and delivery times are as quoted. We provide you with a tracking number through our Repair Manager system.

We will deliver the drone to you without undue delay within the estimated time provided. Delivery days do not include weekends and public holidays.

Should you not receive your drone within the estimated time, we request an additional 7 working days to establish where the delay has occurred and opportunity to remedy it as far as practicable. Delivery times given are a guide only and we do not guarantee that the drone will be delivered within this period.

In the case of restricted items such as batteries within drones and controllers, we only deliver to Mainland UK due to shipping restrictions. Items with shipping restrictions are not accepted for repairs.

We will not refund your purchase if items are held in customs or delivery is delayed due to third party factors including, but not limited to, non-payment of import duties or taxes where applicable.

If you fail, through no fault of ours, to take delivery of the drone at your given delivery address, we may, at our discretion, charge the reasonable costs of storing and redelivering them.

We are unable to change a delivery address once the item has been dispatched.

Occasionally force majeure events prevent us from delivering your drone within the expected time. These include accidents, breakdowns, acts of God, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage or default of our suppliers. We would endeavour to rectify matters as quickly as possible, however you agree not to hold us liable for delays in you receiving your drone, under these circumstances.

7.3 Receiving your Item

Upon receipt of your item, please examine it to ensure it has been received in good order. If your item has been damaged, please contact us immediately. You are required to keep all the packaging in case the Courier requests evidence of damage caused while item was in their care.

8. Testing

In line with our Quality Assurance policies and procedures, our trained engineers always conduct pre-despatch testing of your drone. These test flights are confined to confirming that the components replaced as part of the agreed repair are performing correctly. These test flights do not constitute any kind of airworthiness certification and we do not guarantee that other parts of the aircraft are functioning correctly, or will continue to function correctly, nor do we guarantee that the aircraft is airworthy.

9. Warranty

We offer all our clients 12 month warranty which only covers the original repair. This only applies to jobs booked in from 10/09/2018, any jobs booked in prior to this are subject to the previous 90-day warranty. Any faults occurring that are not directly related to the original repair are not covered under our warranty and additional repair charges will be incurred.

Damage caused after repair which is assessed as being caused by misuse either intentionally or otherwise, is not covered under the warranty.

Repairs carried out by third party repairers will invalidate the warranty.

Any repair work carried out on a liquid damaged item will not come with a warranty.

All warranty claims must be reported to Chinock Repairs within the warranty period and returned to our premises within two weeks from the date of notification.

10. Additional Diagnostics

Occasionally further investigation is required when conventional repairs have not worked or a repair is more complex than anticipated. You will be notified of this as soon as possible with an updated quotation for your acceptance.

11. Liability

If your item is lost or damaged beyond economical repair whilst with Chinock Repairs for repair, our liability will be limited to the cost of providing a replacement product either the same or similar to the original item.

Any data stored on or with your item should be copied and stored separate from the unit, prior to sending item to Chinock Repairs for repair. We accept no liability for loss, damage or corruption of data caused.

During repair of the item, our engineers will need to open the unit to diagnose or repair it. This type of repairing comes with a level of risk and may result in some minor damage to your item. We endeavour to ensure this doesn’t happen, however if it does occur and the damage is significant, we reserve the right to offer a replacement or repair.

Chinock Repairs accepts no liability for damage caused by previous repairs.

Chinock Repairs accepts no liability for any kind of consequential loss due to late delivery times, extended repair times or items not functioning as a result of a repair.

Chinock Repairs accepts no liability for any kind of loss (beyond the cost of the original repair) due to repaired / replaced components not functioning / malfunctioning following repair. (See Warranty above)

Chinock Repairs accepts no liability for any kind of loss due to components not functioning / malfunctioning which were not replaced as part of the repair.

Chinock Repairs does not exclude liability for: (i) any fraudulent act or omission; or (ii) for death or personal injury caused by negligence or breach of Chinock Repairs’s other legal obligations. Subject to this, Chinock Repairs is not liable for loss which was not reasonably foreseeable to both parties at the time when the Contract was made.

12. Your Data

As stipulated in Clause 11 above, all data on or with your item should be copied and stored / backed up prior to sending the item to us. While our repairs are carried out in a professional manner, we cannot guarantee the integrity of data stored on the item during and after the repair process.

We advise that all memory cards are removed prior to sending item to Chinock Repairs for repairs.

In using our services, you agree that you will not hold us liable for any claims, damages or losses in regard to the item, including any data or media stored therein.

Chinock Repairs accept no liability in the security, protection, use or confidentiality of such data.

13. Cancellation

You are able to cancel your repair order at any time prior to accepting our repair quotation. Cancellations after acceptance are not allowed.

14. Governing law, Jurisdiction and Complaints

These Terms and Conditions (including any non-contractual matters) are governed by the law of England and Wales.

15. Disputes

Disputes can be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales or, where the Customer lives in Scotland or Northern Ireland, in the courts of respectively Scotland or Northern Ireland.

We try to avoid any dispute, so we deal with complaints as follows: If a dispute occurs customers should contact us directly. We will aim to respond with an appropriate solution within 5 days.

Chinock Repairs reserves the right to amend and update these Terms and Conditions as required.